valencia beef and great fruit?!?! Weekly deliveries in seattle when ordering through Collins family orchards

NV Premier Dry Aged Black Angus: Half Beef

Regular price $1,799.95

NV Premier Dry Aged Black Angus Beef: Half Beef

The Half Beef option is custom cut any way you want it. Not certain how you want it cut? No worries, we can handle all that for you.  Standard cuts or custom cuts, we will assist you with that decision through a short consultation by email or phone.

Concerned that it may take you and your family some time to eat a half beef? No worries, all meat is vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and maintain flavor until you are ready to prepare. Invest now and save later with this fill-the-freezer option of top quality beef.      

  • Currently Available
  • USDA Certified Meat
  • Delivered Frozen
  • 100% Beef
  • Vacuum Sealed for Freshness 
  • Freezer Space Required: Approximately eight (8) to ten (10) cubic feet
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